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Confraternity of Catholic Clergy

—— British Province of ——

Pope St Gregory the Great

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Objects of the Confraternity

Fidelity to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the Magisterium, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the authoritative teaching of the Holy Father, in service of the People of God, and particularly the New Evangelization.

Formation in human, spiritual, doctrinal and pastoral aspects of the Priesthood, and assistance in the Priestly ministry of teaching, sanctifying and governing.

Fraternity in mutual support and encouragement of Priestly life and ideals by conferences, study, Retreats and publications.


St-Jean Vianney, Curé d'Ars

About us

* St Paul of the Cross prayed for the conversion of England and founded the Passionists, whose Blessed Dominic Barbari greatly influenced Blessed John Henry Newman, and Received him into the Church. The British Province of the Confraternity was founded in direct response to Pope Benedict’s ‘Year for Priests’, his State Visit to Britain, and his Beatification of Blessed John Henry Newman.

In response to Pope Benedict XVI’s ‘Year for Priests’, and on the Memoria of St Paul of the Cross* (19th October 2010), Priests of various southern dioceses, with the good wishes and encouragement of others from elsewhere in Britain, voted unanimously to found the British Province of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy for the sanctification and support of Priests, and in promotion of authentic Priestly life, holiness and mission by

Fidelity          Formation          Fraternity

“Anchor Your Priesthood

in Your Relationship with Christ.”

Pope Francis

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“Without the Sacrament of Holy Orders, we would not have the Lord. 

Who put Him there in that tabernacle? The priest. 

Who welcomed your soul at the beginning of your life? The priest. 

Who feeds your soul and gives it strength for its journey? The priest. 

Who will prepare it to appear before God, bathing it one last time in the blood of Jesus Christ? The priest, always the priest. 

And if this soul should happen to die [as a result of sin], who will raise it up, who will restore its calm and peace? Again, the priest. ... 

After God, the priest is everything! ... Only in heaven will he fully realize what he is.” 

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI



Annual Colloquium

and Priestly Recollection

National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham

— England’s Nazareth —

19–21 November 2019


Mgr John Armitage

Re-consecration of England as the Dowry of Mary

Dr Kerri Christopher

Human Ecology and Evangelisation in a Transgender World


 In Sinu Iesu 

Dom Mark Kirby — Prior of Silverstream

Further details and booking form

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Midland District – ‘save the date’

The Midland District of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy

ask members to save the following dates:

Thursday 7th November: Speaker — Abbot Eric Varden

Full details of these talks will follow shortly.

“Anchor Your Priesthood

in Your Relationship with Christ.”

Pope Francis



Priests incardinated or serving in British dioceses, Deacons (Permanent and Transistory), members of Religious Congregations, Secular Institutes, and

Seminarians. Clerics with voting rights are those whose application has been accepted by the Provincial Council, whose subscription has been paid for the current year, and who have attended at least one meeting per annum. 


Membership applications are to be accompanied by a Bank Standing Order for annual payment of an amount determined by the Provincial Council [currently £25 per annum]. Vowed Religious and Seminarians may subscribe a smaller sum (eg. £10) as a one-off joining contribution.

Please send completed Membership Form, and remittance to:

Fr Richard Whinder 

27 Nightingale Square  


London  SW12 8QJ


We have a legal duty to protect any personal information we collect from you.

We will only use personal information you supply to us for the reason that you provided it.

We will only hold your information for as long as necessary to fulfil that purpose. 

We will not pass your information to any other parties unless this is made clear to you at the time you supplied it.

All agents of the Confraternity who have access to your personal data or are associated with the handling of that data are obliged to respect your confidentiality.

Filmaufnahmen aus der Vogelperspektive
Filmaufnahmen aus der Vogelperspektive

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; 

and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.”

Matthew 28:18b-20



The Membership Secretary

Fr Richard Whinder 

27 Nightingale Square  


London  SW12 8QJ

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